Sunset Alcohol Flush Support

How to Remove Asian Flush From Your Photos FAST

Group taking photo with one person with Asian flush

So you've gone out and forgotten to take Sunset before you started drinking, and you're a little redder than you'd like.

But wait, a camera!

Damn, that would be a great photo if you weren't redder than a fluorescent tomato. 


Dealing with Asian Flush is hard, but it shouldn't ruin all your photos out with friends. 

Fortunately, there's a foolproof way to get your flushed-face photos looking better in no time (in case you didn't take Asian flush pills ahead of time). All it takes is Photoshop (or any similar software that allows you to change the hue and saturation for an individual colour channel will work) and a few seconds once you know how.

Although Asian Flush, or alcohol flush reaction, can manifest in numerous symptoms, getting a red flushed face is the most common. Unfortunately, it's also the most visible symptom that is incredibly hard to hide.  Prevention is always going to better than Photoshop, but we're here to help.

Here's a quick video tutorial for fixing a photo with a single flushed face. We'll be updating this article with a few more examples and in-depth tutorials to show you how to mask and alter redness in images with several people soon, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel if that interests you!

Photoshop Tutorial Steps Summarised

Step 1 - Open the photo you'd like to change in Photoshop and duplicate the layer.

Step 2 - With the new layer selected, click on Hue/Saturation. "Master" will be selected as the default, but this needs to change to "Reds." This will allow you to change the hue/saturation of all reds in the photo, rather than the whole photo itself.

Step 3 - Using the Eyedroper, select the reddest part of the flushing you'd like to remove. Move the Saturation bar to the farthest right position to easily see what you'll be fixing. Then by using the slider icons, drag the slider to select all of the redness. When you're happy with your selection, return the Saturation bar to it's normal place in the centre.

Step 4 - You'll want to slightly increase the Lightness bar and then increase the Hue bar into the Blue section. 

Step 5 - Duplicate the newly created layer until the redness is gone. You can go in and edit the sliders of the new duplicated layers to make sure the skin looks natural.

Step 6 - When you're happy with the newly reduced flushed cheeks, group those layers together (Command+G) then create a mask.

Step 7 - Using a black brush, paint over the lips to return them to their natural red colour. This will revert that area of the photo to its original state without reverting the rest of the photo to its original state.

And you're done! You're left with a great looking photo and only distant memories of getting a red face.

If you'd rather prevent alcohol flush before it starts, try Sunset.  It really works!