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Sunset Reviews & Customer Feedback

Sunset Reviews & Customer Feedback

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With over 30,000 satisfied customers world-wide, Sunset Alcohol Flush Support is the world's go-to solution for alcohol flushing!

See Sunset in Action

Here we have Danica from Danica Revamped who was kind enough to film a full time-lapse review of her trying Sunset on a night out!

Click below to watch the video now:



Sunset Works for Non-Asian's Too

Next up we have Dan from Australia with a before and after shot showing that Sunset also works if you're not Asian:

Dan Parsons Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Testimonial

Here is Dan Parson's review of Sunset Alcohol Flush Support:

Dan Parson's Review Selfie"I was of the belief that I would never find a solution to the issue until I purchased this fantastic product! It has worked for me every time I have taken the tablets ... I had doubts about this product when I first purchased it but for this company to offer a flush-free or your money back guarantee, I could not pass this up as I love a good beer... This product has passed with flying colours!! Just works fantastic for me as I have not had any of the symptoms described above after taking the tablets ... This product is HIGHLY recommended for people that suffer from this strange problem!"

Review by Dan P. from Gold Coast, Australia Australia


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9 out of 10 people who try Sunset are satisfied with the results.

Below you can read the thoughts and experiences of several Sunset customers who used the supplement to get rid of their alcohol flush and reclaim their social life:

Justin Sunset Asian flush support review
"I highly recommend Sunset Alcohol Flush Support to all my fellow asian flushers who seek to solve their redness when drinking. This is the most effective way of solving the problem! Remember to always take a couple more doses out with you. I can't imagine living without these now! Once again, thank you alcohol flush support!"

Review by Josh Quan from Singapore, SG Singapore


Justin Sunset Asian flush support review
"For the first time I'm able to drink in public without the embarrassment of turning red! I always felt like I got cheated in life because I never got to experience the feeling of getting drunk with my friends when they go bar hopping. Thanks to the flush support I never been more satisfied. Thank you so much for making this product."

Review by Justin N from CA USA USA

Rachel T Sunset flush Support thoughts
"I used to get drunk after ONE drink and my entire body would turn extremely red. It was embarrassing especially at work functions. I was skeptical of Sunset but was willing to give it a go. It TOTALLY worked. I had four drinks last night and only my cheeks were flushed (which I loved!!) but I wasn't red at all. I also only felt slightly tipsy!! There was no nausea and I didn't have a hangover the next day as well. I've just ordered my second bottle and can't imagine being without it."

Review by Rachel T. from Perth, Australia Australia

Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers Can't Be Wrong!


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100% Flush-Free Guarantee

Liza W Sunset Asian Glow Support Review
"I've enjoyed using your product. It's been really liberating knowing I can have alcoholic drinks with friends and not be embarrassed by my usual bright red face and eyes. I've found it's important to follow the instructions carefully, my main problem is that I usually go out for a drink around or after my evening meal, so that can be difficult to plan around taking the pills, as you recommend taking them on an empty stomach. My solution is to have a light meal but this can mean that the alcohol I have has a stronger affect on me."

Review by Liza W. from Glasgow, Scotland Scotland


"I first experienced Asian glow when I was first drinking and was immediately embarrassed with my red face. I ordered and took different products that temporarily fixed my flush. Sunset Alcohol Flush Support has given me the confidence to drink freely with my peers. I thank the team because they have helped me overcome one of my biggest embarrassment, but ultimately helping me find my confidence."

Review by Nathan C from MD USA USA


"Sunset alcohol flush support is life changing! It even helps with hangovers, and I feel much less hot and dizzy when drinking when I use Sunset. Not to mention, I barely get red anymore! I'm so glad I found sunset and it's definitely the best product out there for Asian glow."

Review by Chloe R from VA USA USA


"I feel that Sunset helps suppress the redness. It is something I am getting others to try because it is worthwhile."

Review by JJ from NSW Australia Australia


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"I'm so happy I discovered Sunset! I've been using it for a few months now (it was a must-have during the holiday season) and definitely notice that my typical symptoms are greatly reduced when drinking, including facial flushing and rapid heartbeat. One of the best effects is that I’m also much less hungover the next day!"

Review by Alix O from NY USA USA


"I used Sunset after trying countless of other products that didn't work like they advertised, but I'm glad to say that I found the one. Sunset has helped immensely with my Asian glow that not only makes me feel uncomfortable when I shouldn't, but also has made me insecure at some times. Thanks Sunset!"

Review by Christian T from USA USA


"I found that using sunset flush after I get glow has really helped reduce it. I also found that it worked better than anticids to reduce flush. My only issue with the product is that you have to take 3 large pills which can be a little awkward when you're drunk. But overall, I'm very glad someone has come up with a product that actually works and makes drinking fun instead of embarrassing."

Review by Nicholas F from USA USA


Jack W Sunset alcohol flush support review

"I've struggled with alcohol flush since my first drink when I was 16. While the embarrassment of a red face was hard to deal with, it was the constant explaining I had to do with anyone I encountered that was the hardest. Luckily I had friends that didn't care about it much but it still tarnished a good night out on the town. My father also has this problem and I know for a fact he doesn't drink because of it. I didn't want to concede to the allergy though!

I'd often drink through the nausea and hot flushes so I could go out with my mates but a lot of the time I would have to have a nap because it made me so drowsy. It was so daunting to have a drink.

Antihistamines gave me some relief which was great, but since taking sunset alcohol flush tablets I've noticed a real difference! I can go out for dinner and not have to worry about having a few drinks! It has really made me enjoy a drink for a change. Love your work!"

Review by Jack W from Victoria, Australia Jack W from Australia Sunset review


Personally drinking to me has always been social. Ever since I started I've always been at a disadvantage because of my asian heritage and the effects that my deficiency has on my health. The ability to drink in the large scheme of things is not important, but it is extremely prevalent in lots of areas in adulthood. Even in adolescence, the social pressures of missing out or not fitting in has its affects.

I want to be able to enjoy a drink or two, not having to worry about the chances of me getting cancer in the long run, or the headaches, nausea, and redness that comes with it. All of the research I looked up I found companies that simply want to profit off of the health risks that asians have with alcohol. Nobody knows the health risks or that their "asian glow" is actually a product of their body's disability to metabolize alcohol. Very little research has been done on the long term affects, or even the cure to this. This effects millions of people around the world...why does nobody seem to care?

I don't know if this sunset support is actually helping my body, but it's definitely helping my symptoms. If you guys are genuine in what you do, and are keen at fixing this, then I will gladly fork up the money to support not only for myself but for future generations to come.

Review by Michael Tanaka from CA, USA USA


Sunset is actually legit! I don’t get red when I drink, but I do get bad headaches pretty much every time. Since I started taking Sunset, the headaches are hardly there and I feel like I don’t get hungover as much either. This stuff is the real deal! I’m already on my second bottle!.

Review by AJ Cruz from CA, USA USA


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I like the product a lot. If you get red first and then supplement the product it definitely has worked for me. Will use moving forward.

Review by Nathan Peluchette from WV, USA USA


Joyce Whist Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Testimonial

This product has eliminated the embarrassment of having a bright red face after a mere two sips of wine. I feel as if I can drink socially without being so self conscious! I no longer have to ask my husband “how red am I?” The tips sent to me from Sunset were key in maximizing the effects. What a difference this has made in my life! Thank you!

Review by Joyce Whist from British Columbia, Canada Canada


Sunset alcohol flush support gave me a second chance to having a social life without going through hell. I've tried other anti-histamine products and none works well as Sunset. In fact, I went on a 4 days all-inclusive resort destination wedding the other month and drank alcohol everyday with the support of Sunset and it worked wonders. For the first time, I drank alcohol and had a good time with family and friends without having to worry about really bad Asian Glow and other side effects. I love Sunset!

Review by John Dao from CA, USA USA


So glad to have found a product that has given me the confidence to take part in social situations without thinking beforehand about the dreaded red face.

Review by Pam Collins from Victoria, Australia Australia


Justin Stark Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Review

I used to not be able to drink 2 days in a row without getting red. After taking sunset, I was able to drink 3 days in a row!



Review by Justin Stark from MO, USA USA


Nick Howard Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Review

I originally did not think Sunset would work but I was completely wrong. When I take Sunset, I don't get the bad headaches and the red face. I also don't get the increased hearbeat! I would 10/10 recommend to anyone else who is suffering from the alcohol flush. It is essential for anytime you're going out and drinking! Every time I've taken Sunset I have had a great time and been able to drink my fair share. 

Review by Nick Howard from WY, USA USA


Brandon McAlees Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Testimonial

Sunset has worked very well for me. I'm always skeptical when buying products online, especially in the medicinal field. However, after much testing, I can say that Sunset actually worked. Through beers, wines, and multiple types of liquor, I have been flush free, which means I get to maintain my social life. It'd be nice to only have to take one pill per use but oh well, that'd be my only reservation.

Review by Brandon McAlees from NY, USA USA


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If you have Sunset feedback of your own that you'd like to share with us, please get in touch.


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We use a pharmacist-formulated blend of Glutathione, Dihydromyricetin, Cysteine, L-Theanine, & B Vitamins to stop alcohol flushing before it can begin.

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Sunset Flush Support is rated 5 stars by thousands of customers

94% of people who try Sunset are satisfied with the results.

Sunset Forte Alcohol Flush Support
Sunset Forte Alcohol Flush Support
Sunset Forte Alcohol Flush Support
Sunset Forte Alcohol Flush Support
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