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How to get rid of the spins when drunk

How to get rid of the spins when drunk

If you've ever had an alcoholic drink and then suddenly the room is spinning, you've experienced "the spins."

There's a reason no one enjoys the spins. You start to feel dizzy, nauseous and downright uncomfortable. Here's how to get rid of the spins when drunk, what causes them and how to avoid them altogether.

How to get rid of the spins when drunk

1. Balance yourself

When you feel like the whole room is spinning, it's helpful to make yourself feel more grounded. Simply place one hand on a hard flat surface and one foot on a hard flat surface. While this process won't completely cure your spins, it will make your brain feel less off-balance.

2. Use your other senses

Many people struggle to sleep when experiencing the spins and it's not surprising why. A solution for the spins when you're trying to sleep is to keep one foot flat on the ground. This can help when laying down with your eyes closed makes the dizziness worse, but you still need to sleep.

3. Slow, deep breaths

Focusing on slow, deep breathing can also help minimise the spins after drinking. Deep breaths can also help lower your heart rate and relax, especially if you're panicking that the room is spinning. Taking slow, deep breaths while practicing the first suggestion (keeping one hand and one foot on a hard, flat surface) can really help when used together.

4. Supplements

There are a lot of supplements popping up on the market that can help metabolise alcohol. By helping your body break down alcohol as quickly as possible, you can help minimise your negative symptoms from alcohol, including getting the spins or feeling dizzy.

Supplements like Sunset Alcohol Flush Support help break down alcohol as quickly as possible, so the body doesn't become overwhelmed with alcohol while it tries to process it.

Dizziness experienced during a hangover can also be reduced with supplements like Sunset, making the day after drinking more comfortable.

Preemptive ways to avoid the spins

Of course, the best way to avoid getting the spins is to watch your alcohol intake. Make sure you drink within your limit, stay hydrated with water and not to drink on an empty stomach can all help reduce your chances of getting the spins.

Of course, this isn't always helpful after the fact but it's certainly something to keep in mind.

Common symptoms of the spins

When we talk about getting the spins, most people are referring to feeling dizzy, lightheaded or experiencing vertigo. But there are a few side effects and other related symptoms of the spins to keep an eye on:

  • Falling
  • Unfocused eyes
  • Swaying while standing
  • Stumbling or staggering
  • Having trouble standing up if you’ve been sitting

What causes the spins when drinking?

We know that drinking too much alcohol too quickly can cause the spins, but what exactly happens during this process?

Having alcohol in your system impacts how the inner ear works. There are a few important parts of the inner ear that are affected when you drink alcohol:

  • In the ear, are three small fluid-filled structures called canals
  • The fluid inside is called endolymph
  • There is also a structure called the cupula, which is filled with hair-like cells called stereocilia.

When you move around while sober, the fluid called endolymph moves, which distorts the shape of the cupula and moves the stereocilia. This process sends electrical signals to the brain regarding movement and balance. In everyday life, this happens automatically and without any issues.

This whole process changes when a person is drinking alcohol. Alcohol thins the blood, which creates a difference in density between the fluid in the canals and the cupula. The shape of the cupula is distorted in ways not associated with the person’s movement, orientation in space, or balance.

The hair-like cells called stereocilia tell the brain that the body is moving much more than it actually is, so the person may feel like the room is spinning or the ground is moving.

While the spins is a common sensation for someone who has drunk past their limit, or has participated in binge drinking, it can also occur for those with a fairly low blood alcohol level. This can be dangerous if the person is still under the legal limit to drive, but may be experiencing the spins making drinking even more dangerous.

Best way to get rid of the spins when drunk

Everyone is different, so each of us will respond differently to the spins, or the best ways to reduce that sensation. However, if you want more support than just touching hard surfaces to balance yourself, looking at supplements such as the Asian flush pill could be a good option.

Because Sunset is created to help the body break down alcohol quickly, it can help lower your chances of experiencing the spins or dizziness when you drink alcohol.

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