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3 Ways to Treat an Alcohol Intolerance

There are no permanent cures for an intolerance to alcohol.  However, there are various things one can do to minimise the severity of their reaction.  This article looks at the most common methods people use to reduce their alcohol intolerance reactions and critiques them based on safety and efficacy.


How to Remove Asian Flush From Your Photos FAST

So you've gone out and forgotten to take your Sunset before you started drinking, and you're a little redder than you'd like.  But wait, a camera!  Damn, that would be a great photo if you weren't redder than a fluorescent tomato.  Don't worry, there's a simple fix and it takes just 60 seconds in Photoshop!


How to Prevent Asian Flush

The internet is brimming with information on Asian flush, including its causes, statistics, studies, and anecdotal examples, but there's very little on how to prevent it.  We're here to help!