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Does Sunset Really Help With Alcohol Flushing?

Christy a Happy Sunset Customer

Here at Sunset, we’re always interested in hearing how our product has helped others with alcohol flushing, also known as "Asian Flush."

We recently spoke with one customer Christy from the USA. She has very kindly shared her experiences with alcohol flushing, how it has impacted her confidence and how Sunset has changed her life.

After struggling with Asian Flush for years, Christy decided to give Sunset a try.

Below you can read her responses to our questions and learn how Sunset has worked for her:

Question 1 - A lot of people know that getting a red face is common with alcohol flushing, but customers have said they also experience all kinds of other uncomfortable symptoms along with it. Does this happen to you? Can you describe the kind of symptoms you get when you drink alcohol?

Yes, this does happen to me. When I drink without Sunset, I turn extremely red from my head down to around my shoulders and arms. Even if I have sipped on a shot through a course of a hour in the past, within 10 minutes I would immediately turn red, my eyes would get itchy, the room would spin and that would lead to me vomiting. These symptoms, unlike others, would last days for me.

I have been hospitalized before due to an incident one time where a employee of mine thought it would be funny to put vodka in one of my drinks to test out this theory and the company ended up having to call the ambulance because I started swelling up and I had extreme shortness of breath. I also would get an extremely warm body temperature. I would have a pounding migraine for days after consuming small amounts of alcohol.


Question 2 - When did you first discover that you reacted to alcohol in this way?  

When I was younger my dad let me have a beer, Budweiser to be specific, around the age of 10. I was also rushed straight to the hospital.


Question 3 - A number of people have said that alcohol flushing has impacted their social life (not being able to be a part of the drinking crowd at parties, being self conscious about sharing a glass of wine on a date, etc) The list goes on, but the theme seems to be the same.. it's kind of like they feel like they're missing out on something. Can you relate to this?

Being allergic to alcohol or having the Asian Flush has made me feel left out on several occasions. As a 27 year old I now for the first time get to have a "girl's night" and drink. Before Sunset I would always be the one at the bar who pretended to order a cocktail by getting pineapple juice with club soda. It would make me feel like I was so different from everyone because a lot of people consume alcohol responsibly after a hard day of working or just to simply take the edge off and let loose at a party.

I've also been on dates in the past where I have had a glass of champagne or wine ordered for me at the dinner table and I would have to explain why I could not consume alcohol and a lot of people would not believe me. A lot of people told me it was impossible and that they have never met anyone who could be allergic. I was always woken up by friends who would need a ride home because they knew I wouldn't be able to consume alcohol in the first place. I have missed out on many events because my friends would like to go to the bar or a party and I was uncomfortable going because of the peer pressure to drink.

I recently got married in October of 2017 and I had to use sparkling cider to do my toast with my guests during my wedding reception. On top of all of this I have bartended quite a bit in my life and I felt quite out of place doing so because I couldn't give a honest answer to my customers asking me how specific cocktail tasted.


Question 4 - Have you ever tried any other ways of stopping alcohol flushing? How did that go?

I have tried taking Pepcid and Zantac like I have researched however none of that even helped my symptoms. My body would react the same exact way.


Question 5 - Why did you decide to try Sunset?

I decided to try Sunset because it popped up during my ongoing research to see if I could ever experience alcohol. My initial thought while browsing the website was "Wow, they have seriously broken everything down in a scientific way, with facts on how this could help me." So I took the chance and I ordered my first bottle. It changed my whole life.


Question 6 - When we speak to our customers about their alcohol flushing they always seem to have that one particularly embarrassing moment that happened to them because of their red face. Do you have one of these?

I wouldn't say I have one particular moment where I would be embarrassed of the symptoms, I have had a few (I would say 3 or 4 times) when I have tried to consume alcohol in public and I felt like I would ruin my friends night out because I would get incredibly sick.


Question 7 - A lot of people like alcohol because they loosen up and it gives them a little more confidence which (sometimes) can serve them well in a social setting (ex. bonding with clients/coworkers, getting the courage to go up and talk to someone in a bar, etc). Do you feel that you have more confidence in these kinds of situations after having taken Sunset?

I recently had my birthday and for the first time in my life Sunset gave me the ability to drink without being sick and it made my confidence grow so much. That was one of the best birthday presents I have ever received, the ability to enjoy my birthday night with a mixed drink and no hospital trips or flushing.


Question 8 - You mentioned in your Facebook post that Sunset was life changing for you.  Can you take us through exactly what you mean by this? How were things before and what has changed since you discovered Sunset?

Sunset was life changing for me because through personal experience I was never able to drink alcohol before without a negative reaction, I felt different and not confident. I would not go out a lot of the times and enjoy some monumental moments because I told myself I didn't want to even put myself in a place where I would be peer pressured to drink and have to explain to every person asking my why I could not.

With taking Sunset I can now have my occasional drink, I do not turn red, the room does not spin, and I feel fine after drinking. I can finally understand why people drink and how it can help on a stressful day. Sunset gave me confidence I did not even know I could have by drinking.


Question 9 - Do you have any words for someone who’s unsure about buying Sunset?

Sunset has completely changed my outlook on life. It has completely made me a more confident person and it truly works. If you're unsure about trying Sunset please visit the website and take a look at what the pills do to alleviate any negative symptoms that you may have from drinking.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for reaching out to me! Sunset you truly have changed my life and I will continue to support what you are doing!


Thank you so much to Christy for taking the time to answer our questions! We really appreciate getting honest feedback about Sunset. Hearing about positive impacts Sunset has made on people around the world definitely makes all the hard work creating it by the team at SRQ Labs worth it!

You can read more customer testimonials on our blog and if you have Sunset feedback of your own that you'd like to share with us, please get in contact.

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