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Flushed: A Drinker's Guide to Flushing

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Flushed: ebook with anti Asian Flush drink recipes and instructions
Flushed: ebook with anti Asian Flush drink recipes and instructions Asian flush drinks guide Flushed Flushed: low histamine cocktails flushed anti asian glow drinking guide inner page flushed ebook contents page
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$16.99 $24.99

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FLUSHED is a digital guide to flushing and how to prevent it by using: low-histamine cocktail recipes, best practice advice, and nutritional strategies.

With never before seen information crammed into 91 pages, the FLUSHED book enables you to understand exactly why you turn red when drinking, how to reduce it, and provides expert advice on dealing with the side-effects.

A page from Flushed ebook on how sulphites and tannins affect Asian flush

FLUSHED reveals not only which drinks cause the least amount of flushing, the ideal ingredients and what to avoid, but it also equips you with nutritional, supplement, and skincare strategies to limit Asian Glow and alcohol flushing.

Alcohol choice can make all the difference when it comes to flushing reactions and our low-histamine cocktail guide contains more than 25 unique cocktail recipes that we've curated and tested to ensure that they limit alcohol flush reactions.

We'll show you how to make your favorite cocktails flush-friendly, and teach you how to create some amazing cocktails that will impress your friends and cause far less flushing than your basic beer, liquor or wine!

A page from Flushed ebook with a flush free cocktail recipe that can abvoid Asian glow