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James Rowe - Asian Glow Researcher for Sunset
Co-Author of Flushed and Asian Flush Researcher at SRQ Laboratories LTD
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I've always had a fascination with acetaldehyde and the impact that it has on people's lives.  A little known environmental toxin that has serious impacts on human health, yet most people are unaware of its existence.

This initially led me to begin experimenting with mineral and amino acid compounds and their effect on human blood acetaldehyde levels.  This was done by collecting blood acetaldehyde readings and comparing them to qualitative data of hangover symptoms the day after heavy alcohol consumption.

This form of testing was hindered by a lag in the response time for data collection and the large number of variables that had to be taken into account between when the compounds were administered and when qualitative data was recorded.

This led me to begin looking at the alcohol flushing response that is typical in people with east Asian ancestry.  This response is also a direct result of blood-acetaldehyde from alcohol, but unlike hangovers, we were able to collect qualitative data within minutes of administering the compounds.

This allowed us to narrow down numerous therapeutic agents that worked to reduce blood acetaldehyde and create a more positive post-drink experience for people with alcohol flush reaction.

flushed bookAfter completing the research, I co authored my first book titled Flushed with the help of other writers at SRQ Laboratories. The purpose of this project was to bring the alcohol flushing response into the spotlight and to provide practical information readers can use to manage the severity of their reaction.  The book also contains a variety of simple and easy to follow drink recipes that reduce histamine levels and assist the body in eliminating acetaldehyde.

Since then my goal has been to continue increasing awareness of alcohol flush reaction via the Asian flush blog and, in particular, how to manage one's blood acetaldehyde levels and make alcohol consumption more enjoyable.

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