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Why Your Face Turns Red While You Exercise

Does your face look like a red rose after you exercise, even if it only means running for a few minutes?  If you go to the gym or for that run in order to look and feel better, doesn’t it just get annoying when you have to worry about your face flushing and turning beet red?.

Thankfully, you probably don’t have to worry as much as you may already be. Those flushed cheeks are the sheer result of your body exerting energy and your body responding to that exertion through sweating, skin redness, and a higher internal temperature.

However, if your hot, flushed face is accompanied by symptoms like higher bodily temperature remaining for more than a half hour, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, or low blood pressure, you should call your doctor right away and make an appointment. If not, continue reading and you’ll find out both the causes of your cherry-red skin and how you can reduce the redness on your face after exercising.

What Causes Red Face After Exercising

The red flushing on your skin after a hard work-out can occur as a result of several factors. In order to better understand the causes which lead to this intense blushing, we’ve outlined the most common ones.

You may have more capillaries in your face

Everybody knows that the body releases heat through sweat, but did you know that it also does that through widening your blood vessels and capillaries, even on your face? This process happens so that heat can be taken to the surface of the skin, which helps to cool you off and to provide your bloodstream with extra oxygen. By doing this, your cardiovascular system can work more efficiently while you work out, leaving you to feel cooler as opposed to this process not taking place at all.

Some people, on the other hand, have more capillaries than others on their face, which also contributes to their hot, extra-flushed cheeks.

You may have a skin condition

Skin conditions are caused by extra-sensitive blood vessels, which are prone to excessive skin redness after a tough workout. Additionally, if you suffer from a skin disorder such as Rosacea, then some of your capillaries may be broken, which means that the dilatation of the blood vessels makes the redness even worse than it should be.

Another cause can be a disorder called vasomotor instability. This occurs when the vasomotor center of the brain wants to cool you off, therefore dilating your capillaries, veins, and arteries. This way the blood has space to move more freely, which cools it down faster, but results in intense red flushes.

You may have a pale and sensitive skin

People with a fair complexion and sensitive skin are more likely to experience more intense brightened up skin after exercising than those who don’t. The reason? Pale skin almost always results in skin redness after the body is put under pressure, especially if it’s prone to be more sensitive. This is simply due to the redness being more noticeable on a lighter skin tone. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry, it’s something completely normal.

Miscellaneous reasons

If the above-mentioned reasons are not the cause for your cheeks blushing after working out, one of the following two might just be.

Is the place where you exercise, whether that is a gym or an outside space, too hot or too heated? If this is the case, that red flushing is easily preventable. Simply choose a cooler environment, or if exercising outside, wait for the sun to go down before hitting that road for a jog.

Another reason may be dehydration. Not drinking enough water causes skin flushing when putting your body through intense training, so make sure you drink around 4 liters a day when hitting the gym. By hydrating your body more, instead of being red as a tomato, your skin will at most be rosy-white.

How to Reduce the Redness on Your Face After Exercising

Apart from keeping your body well-hydrated and exercising in a cooler environment, there are some other ways in which you can reduce those red flushes after you’re done with your work-out.

Take a cold shower

Very few people enjoy cold showers, but if you want to take one of the easiest routes, you might start considering this option. Not only will a cold shower considerably reduce the redness, but it will also speed up the recovery of your sore muscles, which is extremely beneficial especially after a long and vigorous training.

This is so due to cold water being able to decrease inflammation, so bravely step into the shower and gradually soak your body in it, or if you prefer, hold your breath and pour it down your shoulders. Since this is a habit, your body will get used to the cold eventually and it will only get easier and more comfortable with time.

Use anti-redness moisturizers

If your brightened-up cheeks need some soothing after any kind of physical activity, an anti-redness moisturizer may be the product that will work for you. The minerals will calm your skin significantly while taking care of the redness, usually reducing it from intense red to rosy-white.

Beware that some moisturizers are more effective than others, so choose carefully and make sure to read the reviews in order to see if it actually works.

Laser treatment

This is a more extreme and definitely a more expensive option, but it’s effective and can prevent further intense red flushes, especially if you have a skin condition like Rosacea. The procedure involves undergoing a couple of laser treatments, depending on the intensity of your flushes, where the blood vessels in your face will be reduced. The results can be quite satisfying, so talk to a plastic surgeon and see if this is the right option for you.

In Conclusion

Skin flushing can be a frustrating thing, especially if it occurs very often. Fortunately, it’s possible for it to be significantly reduced, so as soon as you identify the cause of your skin redness, it becomes easier to use one of the above-mentioned mechanisms in order to cut it down.

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