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Can I dissolve Sunset capsules in water?

Sunset Alcohol Capsules dissolve-able in water?  Let's find out!

Here at Sunset, we get a lot of questions from customers about the best way to take Sunset and get the most from the product to help with their Asian Glow symptoms.

"Is this an Asian Flush cure?" "How many capsules do I need to take when I want to drink alcohol?"

More recently, we've been asked "What if I can't swallow the capsules? Can I take them apart?"

And the answer is: Yes!

Not everyone can swallow capsules easily and that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the benefits of Sunset against your alcohol intolerance symptoms. As per our ideal instructions, 30 minutes before consuming alcohol you can pull three Sunset capsules apart and pour into a glass of water instead of taking them as capsules normally. Because of the type of capsules we use, it's really easy to manually pull them apart if needed, so you don't need to struggle with it or make a mess.

Sunset Asian flush Capsules - What's Inside?

When the capsule is taken apart, the powder will look bright yellow but that doesn't mean that it has expired or is no longer useable. Rather, it's because of the Vitamin C included in the Sunset formula that gives the powder a bright yellow colour.

You can drink the powder mixed with water, or add in some juice to cover the taste. Thankfully, the Sunset powder doesn't have a horrible taste like most supplement powder and it's actually easily drinkable just with water.

If you decide to mix something else in to cover the taste, orange juice would be great to cover the strongest taste in the powder, which is the yellow Vitamin C.

The powder will easily dissolve in whatever you choose to add it to. Just stir until the powder has completely mixed in and you're good to go! The powder will work to lessen your Asian Flush symptoms as intended and will be easier to ingest if you're unable to swallow capsules.

Sunset Asian flush Stirring Capsules into Water

Common Asian Flush symptoms:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Nasal congestion
  • Skin redness and flushing (face, neck, shoulders and/or chest)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Worsening of asthmatic

What is in Sunset?

We've covered lots of the scientific background of what causes Asian Flush on our blog but the short version is this:

Someone who deals with alcohol intolerance doesn't break down alcohol properly in their body. Eventually, this leads to a build up of a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde. Normally this is converted into a harmless chemical, but not in someone who suffers from Asian Flush. Instead, acetaldehyde accumulates in your body at high levels.

Toxic acetaldehyde causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms when it builds up in your system. So while some Asian Flush sufferers use different techniques to hide some of their symptoms (such as Zantac to help with facial flushing) they don't deal with the acetaldehyde build up in their system.

That's where Sunset comes in.

Not only does Sunset prevent the appearance of alcohol flushing symptoms, (such as headaches, facial flushing, etc) but also works to lower the acetaldehyde level in the body.

This is made possible by the below ingredients found in Sunset:

  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) – an amino acid which breaks down into the antioxidant Glutathione while also reducing inflammation and helps the ALDH enzyme break down the toxic chemical acetaldehyde
  • L-Theanine – a non-protein amino acid which prevents alcohol-induced free radicals and assists the NAC ingredient
  • Quercetin – an antihistamine which helps reduces inflammation and assists the body to produce more of the helpful antioxidant Glutathione
  • Bromelain – a natural enzyme which helps the body absorb Quercetin more effectively and assists the deficient enzymes to better metabolize alcohol
  • Piperine – an alkaloid which increases the potency of Sunset
  • Thiamine – a vitamin B1 that helps out the NAC and controls the build-up of toxic acetaldehyde
  • Vitamin C – helps out the NAC amino acid to easily break down into the antioxidant Glutathione and also controls acetaldehyde accumulation
  • B Vitamins – helps all of the above-mentioned ingredients to perform better

Having all of these ingredients working together make Sunset incredibly powerful for dealing with alcohol flushing, or Asian Flush, and all the negative symptoms that go along with it.

Sunset pills

Will it work the same as taking capsules?

Drinking the capsule powder instead of swallowing the pills intact has no difference in how the formula works for combating Asian Flush or alcohol intolerance. Both ways will still get all the needed ingredients in your system and will work towards fighting the Asian Flush symptoms that arise when drinking alcohol.

    If you're comfortable swallowing capsules, then great! But if you're unable to, or struggle with it, taking the Sunset capsules apart and drinking the powder with water is perfectly reasonable. No matter what option you choose to help your alcohol intolerance symptoms, make sure to drink responsibility and keep an eye on your symptoms. 

    If you want to share your experience living with Asian flush/Asian glow, be sure to drop us a line! Or you can get your own bottle of Sunset here.

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    Published on Aug 08, 2018 in category by - Staff writer & alcohol flush specialist @ SRQ Labs