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7 ways to make drinking at home fun

7 ways to make drinking at home fun

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Stuck at home? Have fun drinking game nights virtually or in-person with friends. Try new cocktails like mojitos, play Never Have I Ever and Most Likely To, take drinks during video game deaths, or just relax with music, shows, and your favorite drinks. Social distancing doesn't mean drinking at home has to be boring--get creative with games nights to liven things up responsibly and let us share with you our favourite ways to do that!

You’ve heard the news: everyone is advised to stay at home to slow the spread of Covid-19. You might even be stuck at home now, many of us for days already. Getting bored yet?

But what about Spring Break? What about going out to the bar with friends? Don’t worry! Here’s how to make drinking at home fun.

Stuck at home and bored out of your mind? We've all been there — especially with global events over the past few years, it's been all too common for so many of us. With social distancing orders in full effect, many Spring Break plans have been dashed and favorite watering holes are off limits.

But just because we need to stay home doesn't mean we can't liven up these four walls. There are still plenty of fun drinking games that can get the party started, no matter how many or how few people you have on hand. In this article, we'll cover some of the best drinking games to play at home.

Whether you want to revisit old favorites or learn new skills, these games will have you laughing hard and making memories to last until your next crazy night out. So gather your favorite beverages and willing participants and let's bring the bar atmosphere right to your living room!

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1. Practice making new drinks

Yes, grabbing a can of Budweiser is easy (or maybe even a Corona bottle) but it gets pretty boring. Since you’re stuck at home, why not try making new drinks and cocktails? You’ve got nothing else to do, right?

If you experience alcohol flush reaction (or Asisan Glow or Asian Flush) make sure to check out our e-book “Flushed: A Drinker's Guide to Flushing.” It specifically includes recipes for drinks that cause minimal flushing. Drinking at home doesn’t need to be uncomfortable!

One of our favourite no-flush cocktails is the Mojito. It’s a perfect drink for minimal flushing, plus it’s easy to make and even easier to drink!

Ingredients for a Asian Flush-free Mojito:

  • 50ml White rum
  • 1 Fresh lime quartered
  • 12 Fresh mint leaves
  • 2 Heaped tsp of caster sugar
  • Sparkling or soda water
  • Cubed ice
  • Crushed ice (optional)
  • Sprig of fresh mint (o garnish)

How to make it:

  1. Add the lime quarters and sugar to a glass and muddle.
  2. Gently bruise the mint leaves by rubbing together and mix with the crushed limes.
  3. Add the rum and ice cubes to the glass and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with crushed ice and top with sparkling or soda water, then garnish with a sprig of mint.

flush free cocktails

    2. Call your friends

    Just because you have to drink at home doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Organize a video-call with friends while you all drink in your own homes. It’s crazy what a little socialization can do when you’re stuck indoors.

    Free programs like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom are all great options to get everyone on a video call. Or just call a friend the classic way, with your phone. Everyone could use a call from a friend in times like these - just make sure to have a drink with you!

    3. Virtual drinking games

    Yes, you can even play drinking games while home alone. The internet is a wonderful thing! Pick a drinking game with your friends then call them up. Just because you’re not in the same building doesn’t mean you can’t have fun drinking together. You can even pick a game without needing any supplies!

    Our favourite virtual drinking game is Never Have I Ever.

    How to play: Simply take turns asking a question in the form of “Never have I ever” like, “never have I ever been arrested.” Everyone who answers Yes, must drink. Super easy to play and doesn’t require any supplies or prior set-up. Just call your friends and get your drinks ready!

    4. Drunk video games

    Who doesn’t love playing video games with friends, especially while having a drink or two? Even though we’re all self-isolating, that doesn’t mean you can’t play together online! Whether it’s on Playstation, Xbox or your computer, grab some friends to play online games together (with a drink, of course). It’ll almost be like game-night without having anyone at your house!

    To make it more interesting, you could make your own drinking game out of whatever video game you choose. For example, whoever dies first has to take a drink!

    5. Pick your own music (and choose wisely)

    Is there anything worse than being stuck at the bar listening to terrible music? Probably. But now that we’re all drinking at home, you can finally choose the music you want to listen to.

    This also means you can dance in your kitchen if you so choose to. It’s your at-home bar - you make the rules!

    6. Party with whoever you’re quarantined with

    Why not party at home if you live with your family, partner, or roommates? Everyone could use a fun distraction from the news so plan an at-home party with whoever you’re quarantined with!

    You could also play more drinking games as you’ll be with each other so it makes it a bit easier.

    Our favourite at-home drinking game is Most Likely To.

    How to play:

    Everyone playing takes turns saying “most likely” statements, such as “most likely to get famous,” “win the lottery,” “get scammed” etc. Everyone at the same time points to whomever they think would be most likely to do/be that thing. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them takes a drink.

    The great thing about this drinking game (and “Never Have I Ever”) is that you don’t have to share drinks with anyone else. A lot of the classic drinking games like Fingers requires players to touch each other's glasses or share alcohol. Although you are all quarantined together, it’s probably best to avoid drinking games like these. Pick games that minimize the amount of germs you’ll share amongst each other.

    7. Relax - you’re home!

    One of the best reasons to drink at home is just that: you’re home. You can pick the music, what’s playing on the TV and the dress code. Want to have a cocktail in your PJs while watching reruns of The Office? Do it. It’s your home!

    Whatever you end up doing to pass the time while in self-isolation, make sure to drink responsibly.

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