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What is alcohol flush reaction & how can I stop it?

Do you have alcohol flush reaction and don’t fully understand what that means for you?

This condition occurs in those with an ineffective liver enzyme. When alcohol is consumed, the body begins to break it down. First, alcohol is broken down into acetaldehyde. This chemical is toxic and can be very harmful if large quantities are kept in the body for too long. Those with alcohol flush reaction cannot break acetaldehyde down further, leaving it to accumulate in the body.

This means that while you drink alcohol, more and more toxic acetaldehyde is building up in your body.

How can I stop my alcohol flush reaction?

It’s easy: Simply use Sunset Alcohol Flush Support.

Sunset is designed specifically for alcohol flush reaction, more commonly known as Asian Flush. Sunset works with your body to remove acetaldehyde as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means you can enjoy alcohol again without dealing with a bright red face, or any of the other uncomfortable symptoms.

By simply taking three capsules 30 minutes before drinking, you can confidently enjoy your night out with friends. It’s time to reclaim your social life!

What are alcohol flush reaction symptoms?

Build-up of toxic acetaldehyde causes the negative symptoms felt during alcohol flushing reaction, such as:

Red Flushing

This symptom is the most common in those with alcohol flush reaction and the hardest symptom to hide. Usually the flushing is on the face and cheeks, but it can also be on the neck, shoulders, chest and arms. Your skin may also feel hot, making you feel sweaty and uncomfortable.


Headaches are the second most common symptom felt during an alcohol flush reaction. Headaches usually start quickly after consuming alcohol, rather than hangover headaches that are felt the following day.

Stuffy Nose

Many with alcohol flush reaction may also experience a stuffy nose or nasal congestion. On the other hand, they may get a runny nose instead. Either way, you can experience uncomfortable nasal symptoms when drinking alcohol.

Restricted Breathing

Laboured or restricted breathing from alcohol can also occur in those with alcohol flush reaction. This symptom can be even more noticeable in those with existing asthma. You may even feel wheezy after drinking alcohol.

Rapid Heart Rate

When you drink alcohol, you might feel a rapid or increased heart rate. Unfortunately, this uncomfortable symptom happens to many people with this condition and it can make enjoying your night out next to impossible.