NEW: Stop alcohol flush with Sunset Forte — now 33% off!


While our product Sunset works really well for us and thousands of other customers, we understand that every body is different and the severity of reaction, sensitivity to alcohol, and many, many other factors will all influence how effective Sunset is for each individual person.

It's because of this we want to make it as easy as possible for you to return your bottle for a refund.

In some instances you won't even need to return your order (depending on location etc), and if your order is qualified for our Flush Free Guarantee we'll refund you quickly with no questions asked.

(Actually, there will be some questions — just a few short ones that in no way affect your ability to receive the refund, and you don't need to answer them, they're just for our own research purposes and to make sure our customer service and your experience is up to scratch).

To get started, simply email a picture of your bottle and let us know your name and order number and we'll process that quickly and painlessly.