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About Sunset: How we created the most effective Asian Flush remedy available!

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Sunset exists because of the generous support of red faced drinkers around the world. Originally made available for pre-order on IndieGoGo, Sunset raised over 300% of it's target and is now one of the leading alcohol flushing supplements available online.

Created by the smart guys at SRQ Laboratories, Sunset owes it's effectiveness to the careful balancing of complementary compounds fine tuned over years of scientific testing.

The result is a potent prevention pill that stops alcohol flushing better than anything else under the sun.


Who's behind Sunset Alcohol Flush cure?

It's important to note that Sunset isn't just a product. It's a labor of love for the guys at SRQ Laboratories and utilizes their specialized knowledge, built up over several years, to find a perfectly balanced solution to a problem that has affected many of them their whole life.

Jeik, the resident alcohol flushing specialist at SRQ Laboratories, runs one of the largest and most comprehensive resources about 'Asian flush' online, and has assisted the BBC Asian Network when they needed advice about the issue of alcohol flush reaction.

After authoring several books about the Asian flush syndrome, Jeik teamed up with a professional laboratory to produce Sunset. He reached out to Chris and Lewis who are developers and manufacturers of several GMP certified supplements that solve common alcohol and recreational problems (their hit product Sobur is amazing for hangovers). Together they formed SRQ Laboratories and created Sunset, the supplement that stops alcohol flushing better than anything under the sun.

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