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4 Beauty Products to stop your Asian Flush

4 Beauty Products to stop your Asian Flush

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UPDATE: Next month we are launching a new Asian flush cream called Reset.
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In a recent Sunset post about DIY Asian flush cures, we mentioned how makeup and beauty products can be a good way to assist with your alcohol flush woes:

A lot of people, after getting discouraged in their flush-fighting efforts, will recommend taking crazy actions, like just giving up alcohol forever or other such non-sense. If you're anything like us, and you don't just give up when faced with a social challenge, then you might want to give makeup a try in order to cover your alcohol flush reaction.

After some interesting conversations with beauty, makeup and color correction experts on Twitter, we decided to introduce you to a range of beauty products that are highly recommended for covering up and assisting with your alcohol flush reactions.

Another method to consider, in addition to covering up redness with make up, is take Asian flush pills.  

The Art of Color Correction: What makeup industry professionals use to cover and even-out redness

Using makeup to combat redness is like an elementary school class in 'color basics'. Remember being shown the color wheel in art class, and discovering how colors directly across from one another cancel the other out?

Asian flush makeup color wheel

On the color wheel you can see that red is directly across from green. This basically means that the color green will neutralize the color red. In makeup circles, green concealer is used to cover up red areas like acne blemishes or overly red cheeks.

Rosacea sufferers–a condition that causes redness and often small, red bumps on the face–in particular will be familiar with green tinted makeup products. There are several rosacea products on the market, some that work a lot better then others, containing green pigment and coloring.

By keeping that color wheel in mind when selecting beauty products, you’ll better understand how to make those annoying problem red areas vanish.

Here's a great video where the talented Haley Kim explains the color wheel theory for beginners:

Now that we understand the science behind coloring, lets take a look at the top 4 beauty products to help with alcohol flush specifically:

1. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream

A video posted by IT Cosmetics (@itcosmetics) on

Universally recommended by people who suffer from skin redness for various reasons, from rosacea to Asian flush and everything in-between, this Bye Bye Redness cream from IT cosmetics comes in a small jar with a small kabuki brush to assist with application.

The cream comes in a single shade of medium creamy beige, and it requires such a small amount to achieve coverage on large areas, you will definitely make use of the included brush.

Isabella from Musings of a Muse describes this cream perfectly:

Coverage is amazing. This will conceal minor to major problems you have. If you have a birthmark on your face it will do an excellent job of concealing that as well as hiding minor issues like darkness, acne, flushing, scarring, etc.

Fact of the matter is the pigmentation is incredible and this brings full coverage to the table.

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2. Algenist REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer

A fairly new offering from Algenist, this primer contains naturally occurring colorful algae to color correct your skin, they look like tiny beads that are yellowish-white on application but as you gently mix them in they automatically adjust to your skin tone. It's pretty cool to watch the color change as you apply it, as if by magic.

This primer feels really light and has a gentle creamy consistency, and it even doubles as an anti-aging serum, if you care about that sort of thing or want to save some money with your skin-care routine.

You can happily use this primer as a light base layer for any other makeup you want to apply (foundation, concealer, eye shadow, etc) and feel safe in the knowledge that it will take away some of the visual redness of your skin while not feeling heavy or suffocating on your skin like other silicone based primers.

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NOTE: Next month we are launching a new Asian flush cream on Kickstarter called Reset.
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3. L'Oreal Anti-Redness BB Cream

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The L'Oreal Paris Anti-Redness BB Cream comes highly recommended as either a moisturizer alternative that doesn't leave a shiny green effect on your skin, or as a primer–if used sparingly–as a base for your foundation and/or other makeup products.

This is one of those products that can have fantastic or terrible results depending on the tone of your skin, so it is worth picking up a bottle (it is priced at under $10 in most places) and trying some out on the rear of your hand first to see if it works for you and your skin tone.

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4. Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

The key ingredients in this are thermal spring water, iron, manganese, zinc, and copper (antioxidants). Just to be clear, this is water in a spray can. I mean, it is pretty amazing in terms of water quality, but it can be hard to spend anywhere from $10 - $20 (price varies depending on where you purchase from, it is regularly on sale, however) on any product that is more than 90% H20!

It comes so highly recommended, however, that I had to give it a mention. The product description reads as follows:

Known for its long history in treating atopic dermatitis, the Avène Thermal Spring Water is the only thermal spring water bottled directly from the source and packaged in a sterile environment to guarantee purity and maximum skin benefits. Its unique composition is proven to soothe inflammation, itching, redness, general sensitivity and post-medical and aesthetic procedure irritation as it softens, protects and purifies the skin. Avène Thermal Spring Water is recommended by dermatologists worldwide.

The main use of this spray is post surgery (as in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures) and during dermatological care routines, including:

  • Post surgery
  • Post procedure
  • To sooth Redness-prone skin & inflammation.
  • To assist with keratosis-prone, scaly skin.
  • Aids with eczema/atopic dermatitis
  • Reduces allergic reactions/sensitive skin/irritation.
  • Reducing burning / stinging / itching / tingling

The best use for this is as a light spritz to help with the slight warm/heated sensation that can come with alcohol flush; this can just help refresh your skin and ease the sensation following particularly bad flushing.

There is a regular and travel sized version, so you could even carry the spray with you on a night out if you need an on-the-go solution.

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If you have any beauty product recommendations of your own that you've successfully used to assist with your alcohol flush, we'd love to hear about it. Shoot us a message and we'll include your recommendation here!

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