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Jordana Lee

Jordanna Lee - Asian Glow Content Lead

Co-Author of No Red Face Formula and Asian Flush Consultant for SRQ Laboratories LTD.

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My curiosity about alcohol flush reaction started around the time I began college.  Perhaps it was the social pressure to drink alcohol or simply my desire to fit in, but going red in the face after a few drinks became something of a hindrance to living a full and unrestricted social life.

Fast forward 5 years and I had an office job in a law firm in Australia.  After many embarrassing flushing experiences in college, I was disheartened to realise that the social pressure to drink alcohol was equally strong in the professional environment. 

Whether it was client lunches or Friday drinks with the team, alcohol was always the underlying driver of the interaction.

This is when I realised the true inconvenience of having alcohol flush reaction.  The inevitability of experiencing a red face, swollen cheeks and bloodshot eyes after a drink or two was not helping me garner the respect of my colleagues and was even causing me to appear unprofessional at industry meetings and events.

I knew this had to stop and I also knew that completely abstaining from alcohol was not the optimal course of action.  Sharing drinks or even getting a little drunk together was integral to relationship building in the work place and the foundation upon which many deals were negotiated and agreed.

This is when I began researching every aspect of alcohol flush reaction and reviewing the scientific literature of the past 40 years.  In doing so, one thing became glaringly apparent.

Despite many unsuccessful attempts at a pharmaceutical solution for alcohol flushing, there were in fact many ways one could supplement with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to counteract negative symptoms and even address the underlying enzymatic deficiency that causes them.

I compiled all of these findings and co-authored a book called the No Red Face Formula, which provides readers with knowledge on how to prepare their bodies for alcohol.

After selling 10's of thousands of copies of the No Red Face Formula, I was contacted by the London office of SRQ Laboratories and began exchanging dialogue about their unique approach to alcohol flushing.

I am now involved with the team at SRQ Laboratories in expanding their online alcohol flushing knowledge base and broadening awareness about this little talked about phenomenon.

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