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Become a Sunset Ambassador

NOTE: We have now launched a Sunset affiliate program which is separate from our ambassador program.
Read more about the Sunset affiliate program here.

We have created a program to help people who have relevant audiences to Sunset receive a reward for sharing their love of the supplement. This program is called the Sunset ambassador program.

It is quite straight forward, essentially we offer different rewards to our ambassadors:

  • Mention rewards: for every mention you make of Sunset alcohol flush support, pending verification, we offer a reward. A mention includes, but is not limited to: an instagram picture post and tag, a YouTube video shoutout, a brief podcast mention or a blog post mention.
  • Exclusive rewards: an exclusive is a specialized, focused piece of media about Sunset. For every exclusive that our ambassadors verify with us, we provide a premium reward. An exclusive can be, but is not limited to: an entire article/post about Sunset, an entire video review (2 minutes or longer) or a podcast review (1 minute or longer).

Let us know if you have alternative suggestions for promotion of Sunset.

Notes on the Sunset ambassador program:

Sunset ambassador program wants you!The ambassador program only works if you already have access to a substantial audience who would be interested in finding out about Sunset. If you are simply looking to become a sales exec, reseller or affiliate seller for Sunset, please get in contact with us through our contact section.

Similarly, if you do not have access to a significant audience (for example: you own a website, email list, YouTube channel, Instagram page, etc with an established following) then the ambassador program is not for you.

We will be launching a referral program soon, where you can recommend Sunset to a friend or family member and receive a reward for doing so. Please get in contact if you would like further information on this.

The exact rewards, mentioned above, are only revealed to verified ambassadors. If you meet the conditions, enter your details below and we'll be in touch very soon.