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I have bad Asian Flush but I'm white

Asian Flush but I'm white

You notice that you have uncomfortable symptoms when drinking alcohol, like getting a bright red face, so you've turned to the Internet. You've searched why you get a red face from alcohol and realised it's a condition called Asian Flush. You think: how's that possible? I'm white!

Don't let the term Asian Flush fool you: there are millions of people all around the world who experience negative symptoms from drinking alcohol, including getting a flushed face. While it's commonly a condition associated with those of Asian descent (particularly East Asians) other nationalities can still experience Asian Flush.

To make things slightly less confusing, you might see this condition referred to as "alcohol flush reaction" or "alcohol flush syndrome." This helps include other ethnicities rather than believing the condition affects solely Asians.

So yes. You can have Asian Flush even if you are white. Still not sure? Common Asian Flush symptoms include:

  • Bright red face (red cheeks, skin feeling hot and flushed)
  • Red or itchy eyes
  • Wheezing or restricted breathing
  • Nausea (similar to a hangover but you feel it while drinking, rather than just the day after)
  • Headaches or even migraines in more severe cases
  • Nasal congestion or a stuffy nose
  • Generally feeling awful when drinking alcohol

So what is alcohol flush reaction?

Asian Flush or alcohol flush reaction is a specific condition that happens to do with your liver. In short, it makes processing alcohol really difficult. This means that drinking alcohol can become a painful experience (and hangovers the next day are even worse). Sometimes, it's almost like getting a hangover while still drinking!

If you want to learn about the science behind this condition, make sure to read our article: Expert's Guide To Breaking Down Acetaldehyde

Even if you don't have Asian Flush, you may still experience some of the same negative symptoms from drinking alcohol. However, these could be due to other reasons like a new medication or even an allergy or intolerance to some of the ingredients in your drink.

Asian Flush is not fun. It's easy to tell people to avoid alcohol so they don't get negative symptoms, but that's not always fair. If you want to reduce your Asian Flush symptoms, check out Sunset Alcohol Flush Support. This supplement is specifically designed to help the body process alcohol as quickly as possible so you can finally enjoy a drink without turning bright red.

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