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Here at Sunset, we're always interested to know how Sunset works for people dealing with Asian Flush. Everyone experiences different symptoms and varied severity, but we all know how uncomfortable and embarrassing Asian Flush can be. We wholeheartedly believe in Sunset, but it means more when it comes from actual customers.

We spoke with Sunset customers Sean and AJ, both from the USA, about their experiences with alcohol flushing and how Sunset has been working on their symptoms. Like Sean says after using Sunset, "Be confident, feel great and enjoy your life!"

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A lot of people know that getting a red face is common with alcohol flushing, but customers have said they also experience all kinds of other uncomfortable symptoms along with it. Does this happen to you? Can you describe the kind of symptoms you get when you drink alcohol?

Sean - Yes, if I do not take anything I also get warm, increase heart palpitations, and sometimes nausea. It’s a bummer!

AJ - Yes this does happen to me and it’s the main reason I bought Sunset. I don’t get the red face as much, but I do experience headaches, migraines and elevated heart rate.


When did you first discover that you reacted to alcohol in this way?

Sean - When I first started drinking alcohol.

AJ -  I first discovered it about 5 years ago.


Have you ever tried any other ways of stopping alcohol flushing? How did that go?

Sean - Yes, antacids have helped.

AJ - I never tried stopping the flushing, but I tried to stop headaches by taking Advil after drinking. It didn’t work very well.


Why did you decide to try Sunset?

Sean - The more I read about not only stopping the side effects, but also the helping the actual process in my body, led me to try Sunset.

AJ - I was researching the potential causes for my alcohol-induced headaches and stumbled upon a website that had tried and reviewed Sunset. They said it was effective in what it claimed to do so I decided to give it a shot.


A lot of people like alcohol because they loosen up and it gives them a little more confidence which (sometimes) can serve them well in a social setting (ex. bonding with clients/coworkers, getting the courage to go up and talk to someone in a bar, etc). Do you feel that you have more confidence in these kinds of situations after having taken Sunset?

Sean - Definitely, plus I love alcohol the same way I am passionate about food. The creative and culinary aspect to it intrigues me.

 AJ - I definitely have more confidence that I will enjoy my time in social settings instead of having to worry about getting headaches, or actually getting them and trying to power through and still have a good time.


How were things before Sunset and what has changed since you’ve been using Sunset?

Sean - Antacids helped, but Sunset so far has had the biggest impact.

 AJ - Things were pretty bad before Sunset. I dramatically reduced my alcohol intake (which might not be such a bad thing?) and it affected my social interactions. Since using Sunset, it’s been like night-and-day. The headaches are almost never there and I have peace of mind about having a casual drink.


Do you have any words for someone who’s unsure about buying Sunset?

Sean - It is definitely worth a try. Don’t let something like alcohol flushing impact so much of what we're able to do. Be confident, feel great, and enjoy your life!

 AJ - Do it! It’s a little pricey, but it’s so worth it. I’ll never have another drink without it. You guys are the best. I hope you know how much you’re impacting people’s lives.


Thanks so much to Sean and AJ for taking the time to share their experiences using Sunset and dealing with alcohol flushing! We're always looking for input from customers on how Sunset works for them. We also feel it helps bring Asian Flush into the spotlight, share ways we can all reduce our symptoms and live confidently without a red face.

You can read more customer testimonials on our blog and if you have Sunset feedback of your own that you'd like to share with us, please get in contact.

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Published on Jan 16, 2019 in category by - Asian flush consultant @ SRQ Labs